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Who We are

And why we’re one in a million

Our little city of Edmonton now offers brows to match the best of Melbourne and  Los Angeles.

The Natural Brow treasures the unique beauty in each woman and loves it – just like you do – when the beauty shines through your face. Our job is to bring the world’s best eyebrow restoration and design to the happy faces of Edmonton.

There is no substitute for knowledge and skill. Backed by the incredible TrueBrow design system, The Natural Brow works with mastery and care to produce gorgeous brows and recover the most compromised…naturally!

The premium design and restoration system, in expert hands, leaves one essential element to mention: complete dedication to you and the full potential of your brows … a love of beauty in and out.

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Olivia Depis - Owner

What is True Brow

And Why it Works

Created in Melbourne Australia by beauty visionary, Elle Wilson, True Brow is a natural, un-intrusive, skill-based system, bringing out elegant, full brows, and restoring the most difficult cases. It is a comprehensive method accounting for each hair, line, and angle, relying on the laser-eye of the artist and a depth of timeless design principles.

The maxim of True Brow is to “reach the full potential of each woman’s brow.” Like no other system, True Brow makes “Brow Miracles” possible, and shapes the most beautiful brows on the planet. It comes down to rigorous technique that True Brow specialists dedicate years to earn –  the craft of a sculptor, the precision of a watch-maker. But all is nothing without the heart. True Brow is an education system always rooted in the love for people. This we express through supreme brow design and restoration. 

The technique involves no tattooing, feathering, or microblading. Those treatments often hurt the brow, and this is where True Brow comes in.  This is not a quick brow wax. True Brow is a premium brow service that takes time and commitment. 

Other than exquisite brows, the result is a relationship between the specialist and you, working together – no rush, no shortcuts – to bring your brows to the absolute height of their beauty. You will hear more about the structure of the True Brow program at your first consultation. 


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It’s in the details and the big picture

Take a look at what is possible. Women’s brows around the world are seeing a revival.

It’s in the smallest details and the overarching flow of design.

Not a fashion statement

a Beauty Statement

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